About Burlan

25 years of history


to Innovation

Our company was founded 25 years ago, specializing in cleaning various industrial processes . We have an R&D department for solving industrial cleaning problems. We also provide detergent management methods to enhance industrial yield and competitiveness. We provide customers with one-stop test and incorporation service with better cost-performance ratio. We can replace volatile, toxic, and environmentally prohibited detergents with cleaning products meeting environmental protection and cost effectiveness, and we protect industrial secrets with rigorous attitude as our effort in creating the win-win situation for industry and environment.

Well Received by the Industries

The environment-friendly detergentdistributed by Burlan have been widely used in aerospace, optoelectronics, and precision electronic components industries. Our detergents have always been the favorite in aerospace industry, and they are certified by major brands including NASA, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, P&W, Rolls Royce, and Rockheed. It is certified by Thiokol Space Operations for cleaning of space shuttle engine. And the company is recognized as one of the Top 100 Companies with the Greatest Contribution to NASA.

We are professional detergent supplier, and we are dedicated to solving our customers’ problems during cleaning process. Helping customers reduce their defect products is our competitiveness !