Wax Pattern Cleaner

Burlan has been working in the field of wax pattern cleaning in precision casting for many years, with several cleaning agents developed specifically for wax pattern cleaning. They have a high dilution ratio, reducing the need for frequent agent changes, and exhibit excellent post-cleaning adhesion on large surfaces. Familiar with  the manufacturing process, we assist companies in increasing yield and reducing costs.

Product Features

● Powerful cleaning capability

Enhances cleanliness, effectively removes most oil-based and water-based release agents, increases adhesion between wax patterns and slurries, and has strong cleaning abilities for corners and holes, enhancing clarity of the fonts.

● Water-based formula, high dilution ratio, cost-saving

Dilute with water at high ratios to reduce operating costs.

● Environmentally friendly, replacing the use of flammable organic solvents

Environmentally friendly, improves the quality of the working environment, reduces the risk of public safety accidents, does not contain methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and does not damage the ozone layer.

● Increase yield

Reduce burrs, and the post-processing costs incurred due to defect rates.

● Compatible for most types of waxes

Non-corrosive to most types of waxes.

● Less frequent solution changes

Reduce the frequency of solution changes with supplementary additions.

Product Applications

● General casting parts

Household hardware, valves

● Metal castings for automotive parts

Aluminum and iron alloy casting parts

● Metal castings for marine use

Propellers, blades

● Golf club heads

Titanium alloy, cast iron castings

● Aerospace metal castings

Turbine blades, titanium alloy castings


● Release agent

● Silicone oil

● Oil contamination

● Dirt (Particulate)

Material Compatibility

● Various types of precision casting wax

*The compatibility of actual materials should be tested under specific cleaning conditions to confirm.

Use Recommandation

● System: Immersion & Ultrasonic Tanks

● Dilution: 5%-20%, Diluted with deionized water

● Cleaning Temperature Range: room temperature

Familiar with cleaning process, helping to increase yield and reduce production costs.

test cleaning service

Cleaning Process

Key Guidance

Stage 1: Evaluation

You can discuss the material of object to be cleaned, type of contaminant, standard of cleanliness, condition of cleaning equipment, and impact on previous or next process for evaluation by phone call or in person.

Stage 2: Sample test cleaning

After confirmation of various conditions, we will provide professional judgment on the selection of detergent, conduct actual sample test, find out optimal cleaning conditions, parameters, and processes, and submit test report.

Stage 3: Actual test

We will provide samples to our customers for small-batch tests.

Stage 4: Joint development

When the test result does not reach the expected target, and both parties agree that it is necessary for our company to conduct the development of new detergent and conditions, they can sign the letter of intent for joint development.

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