Professional Detergents

Burlan has several products exclusively designed for LED cleaning; the cleaning products suitable for different LED fabrication processes including: cleaning of LED, silicon wafer, and GaAs substrates, cleaning of epitaxial wafer, chip machining and cleaning, photoresist removal and cleaning, grinding and polishing, cleaning after cutting, and cleaning of quartz fixture.

Burlan has several products exclusively designed for optical cleaning: the cleaning products suitable for different optical fabrication processes including : LCD industry, quartz glass, molding glass, blue glass , optical coating, glass substrate cleaning, pre-ITO cleaning, cleaning of the entire LCD process, asphalt cleaning, centering oil cleaning, cleaning before and after coating, deplating layer cleaning, and cleaning of coating fixture and tool.

The environment-friendly high performance detergent we provide does not contain any ozone damaging substance or petroleum solvent, and it is biologically degradable. It is mainly used for wax cleaning before dipping. The neutral p.H. value will not result in any damage or reaction of slurry. After cleaning it can be easily rinsed by water without any residual chemical substance.

Ultra-high cleaning capability, fast and effective cleaning which is not corrosive to metal. The cleaning process provides short-term anti-rust function to effectively protect the metal.
We provide detergents that have many industry approvals and conformances, including: NASA, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, P&W, Rolls Royce, and Rockheed. They have been used in aerospace and military industries with quality meeting the industrial standards.

We are focused on various types of environment-friendly detergents with high performance, and we provide customized detergents and cleaning process guidelines. Please contact us for more detailed information.

We are professional detergent supplier, and we are dedicated to solving our customers’ problems during cleaning process. Helping customers reduce their defect products is our competitiveness !