Eco-friendly water-based dewaxing agent, capable of efficiently removing wax, oil stains, adhesive residues, dust, polishing agents, oxides, and other contaminants. It is used to replace highly volatile solvents such as acetone and IPA. With a neutral pH, it does not corrode substrates or metals, and has a long life life. This helps reduce production costs and improve yield.
Burlan has been working in the field of wax pattern cleaning in precision casting for many years, with several cleaning agents developed specifically for wax pattern cleaning. They have a high dilution ratio, reducing the need for frequent agent changes, and exhibit excellent post-cleaning adhesion on large surfaces. Familiar with the manufacturing process, we assist companies in increasing yield and reducing costs.
Optical Glass Cleaner Several cleaning agents are specifically designed for cleaning optical glass. We offer corresponding cleaning agents for various glass cleaning processes, materials, and methods. These agents provide strong cleaning power without damaging the substrate.
Burlan has developed various eco-friendly water-based flux cleaners specifically for the electronics manufacturing and printed circuit board (PCB) industries, designed for the PCB water cleaning process. Its unique formulation efficiently and safely removes contaminants, replacing volatile solvents to reduce negative environmental impacts and improve process efficiency.

Protective films designed for laser cutting processes. Applied before laser cutting, it prevents debris from sticking back onto the material and prevents the laser from burning the cutting path. After cutting, the protective film can be easily cleaned off with pure water.

Brulin, founded in 1935 in the United States, is a historic yet continuously innovative brand of cleaning agents. Known for its high-quality and stable cleaning solutions, Brulin products deliver outstanding cleaning results. Its products are used in aerospace technology, automotive, medical, metal processing, and various other industries, showcasing a wealth of cleaning experience and achievements, providing competitive cleaning solutions for various industries. Burlan has had a close partnership with Brulin for over 25 years, consistently and stably supplying high-quality cleaning agents. Burlan is the sole agent for Brulin in Taiwan.

We are a professional cleaning agent manufacturer and distributor, dedicated to solving the challenges in the cleaning process for our customers. Reducing defect rates for our customers is our competitive edge!